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Loisaba Conserv.

Loisaba Conservancy is located in Northern Laikipia, Kenya.

Loisaba is a critical piece of the larger landscape connecting Laikipia to Samburu and Isiolo counties helping to ensure that a well-used wildlife and livestock movement corridor is protected. Importantly it serves as a keystone property in the landscape bringing community conservancies and privately managed lands together, by providing both a physical and institutional connection Loisaba increases the potential for greater stability and resilience in the entire socio-ecological Ewaso ecosystem.

The conservancy is a haven for more than 260 bird and 50 mammal species.  Alongside the more common wildlife, Loisaba provides critical habitat and a migration corridor 800 elephants, large herds of buffalo, dozens of the endangered Grevy’s zebra, towers of endangered reticulated giraffes and the beautiful greater kudu. Our cat population is thriving, with over three lion prides on Loisaba at one time and numerous leopards and cheetahs. To top it off the African wild dog, thought for many years to be extinct in the region, are once again being sighted regularly and often denning on Loisaba.

Their mission is to protect and enhance critical wildlife diversity, abundance and habitat in the Loisaba landscape while concurrently supporting sustainable livestock production and improving the lives of neighbouring communities.  Both Tourism and Livestock bring revenue to the land, in an aim to being self-sustainable and offer over 300 jobs to local communities.

Experience the unique exhilaration of riding on the plains with a herd of zebra, walking gently through a graceful tower of giraffes or past a herd of elephants.

On horseback it is possible to get unusually close to wildlife and our horses and ponies have all been reared from birth in the bush so are quite accustomed to its presence. You will be required to confirm your experience before riding out with our team

Camelriding: The traditional mode of transport in the drylands of Northern Kenya and another great way to experience Loisaba.