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Dear guest, we are delighted that we are allowed to organize holidays again and welcome you in the beautiful countries Kenya and Tanzania. Especially these countries are a safe choice for a holiday due to the fact that there is not a lot of contact with locals except from the driver, the hotel staff, your safari driver/guide and at your accommodation within the parks. Keep in mind that the parks are so big with just the nature and wild animals around you. Staff are respecting social distance and will still serve you the best they can. Staff members within the accommodations follow strict Covid regulations regarding social distance and hygiene. Safari’s depart only with max 4 people and if it is your own group with the max of the seat capacity unless you booked more then one safari vehicle. 

Please find information below regarding the Covid-19 protocols and regulations concerning our international guests for both Kenya and Tanzania. 

To enter Kenya and/ or Tanzania see the information on this page which is from the African Travel and Tourism Association 

Onwards travel: For itineraries requiring a second test whilst in Kenya for onwards travel to Tanzania, Zanzibar it is possible to have the PCR test whilst in Kenya. Please contact our representative for arrangement. 

After your trip to Kenya or Tanzania if your destination country ( next  holiday destination or home country)  requires a COVID-19 PCR to depart Kenya or Tanzania we shall assist you to have a test done at an authorised laboratory which will present you with a test certificate that is Trusted Travel (TT) verified

Kenya: In Kenya there is a curfew from 22.00 till 04.00 am. However if you arrive out of these curfew hours you are allowed to travel to your accommodation or residency. Kenya has the policy to wear a mask in public and all our employees as well as the third parties, drivers, cooks, accommodation staff etc are wearing masks.

In Tanzania and Zanzibar there is no curfew, but masks are recommended and our staff members and of the accommodations are all wearing masks to protect your safety. 

Always double check with your home country or next destination what is required to enter the country. Make an appointment in time to have a PCR test done to avoid complications. 

If you need help to plan a safari whereby you are assured of safe travelling and safe accommodations please contact us to assist you. 

There are special travel insurances in case you are infected with corona and can’t go for holiday or need to go in quarantine at your holiday destination. 

Happy and safe travelling!