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Safari in East Africa

Weddings in Africa.

If you are looking for an unique location to exchange your wedding vows in a ‘far away from home’ enviroment think of Africa.

You can have your wedding ceremony in one of the wildlife parks in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda.

Or at the pearl white sandy beaches in Mombasa or Zanzibar. While the sunset creates a stunning background creating glittering waves.

Or what about getting married at the shores of Lake Victoria, having a barbecue with your guests and relax thereafter in the beautiful lodge with a view over the lake.

We are here to make your dreamwedding  come true.

What is an Eco Lodge?

An eco lodge strives to respect and protect the environment by engaging in various initiatives that minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. Whether that’s through the use of renewable energy, eliminating single-use plastics, composting and recycling, an eco-lodge should be committed to sustainable practices.

And it’s not just about the environment. It is also about supporting local communities. Supporting local businesses and artisans nearby, utilizing local guides and experts, and providing guests with a way to understand and experience local cultures in a meaningful way is also a big part of this commitment.

We like to work with eco lodges!